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"Welcome to Team Ez Wealth! I've been online marketing since 1996 and I am now sharing with you all my secrets I use online to succeed, and I am inviting you to join me for free with....TEAM EZ WEALTH!" - Terah Logan, Founder Team Ez Wealth

Hello and congratulations finding one of the most COMPLETE Internet Marketing, VIRAL Downline & Traffic Building websites today AND it is FREE TO JOIN!

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My Name is Terah Logan, and I have been Internet Marketing & Earning Online since 1996! I am very proud to offer and share with you... Team Ez Wealth! Some of you might recognize me from my successful Graphic Design and Internet Marketing business

"Team Ez Wealth is about leveraging the power of the Internet, the power of viral marketing; and the power of learning to earn a prosperous income in a sane and reasonable way WITHOUT breaking the bank!" - Terah Logan
What Is The Team Ez Wealth Opportunity?

Team Ez Wealth is a free membership website for online entrepreneurs. Anyone that is actively promoting and/or looking for ways to earn online will find what they need at Team Ez Wealth!

Team Ez Wealth is full of information and examples of what I do and have done since 1996 to be succesful online, and I have put it all in one website. Newbies and Experienced marketers alike are members, interested in all aspects of earning online.

So lets cut to the chase....If you have a computer and Internet connection and NOT earning online I have one question to ask you...WHY THE HECK NOT?

"I have known Terah for the last 10 years, she has been my Internet Guru. She has helped me from everything from building my websites to walking me through building my own websites. So it's natural that I would run it by her when I would find Internet businesses that I might be interested in, and its fair to say that Terah has saved me hundreds of Dollars on Internet scams. So when she told me about her new concept at I immediately knew that I wanted in! Terah has never steered me wrong, and when it comes to Internet businesses I trust her completely. I am very excited to be working with her at TeamEZWealth!" K.Tecciciano - Team Ez Wealth Member

What Are The Features Of Team Ez Wealth?


We have a huge and growing library of free business and motivation ebooks that I have read myself and firmly beleive in. You must learn and keep learning and then PUT IN PLACE all you read and learn! Team EZ Wealth is the glue that puts it all together for you. For example grab this title NOW and get yourself moving.

What You Need To Know About Viral Marketing - Free DownloadWhat You Need To Know About Viral Marketing

This free download will help you understand and even get going your own viral marketing campaign! This download is free and includes banners, ecover, and an open source document you can edit with YOUR Team Ez Wealth affiliate url and informtion.

Team Ez Wealth is a VIRAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY & MARKETING MACHINE and you CAN succeed online, and reach the numbers of people you need to earn the income you want with the Team Ez Wealth website!

Join now for free and see for yourself!
Join Team EZ Wealth & Get This Ebook Download Free!
Focus, Motivation, Action - 77 Ways To Take Action, Stay Focused, And Get Motivated!

This is a free download in the business library (one of many titles). Anyone can come up with a goal, but not everyone has the ability to achieve it. For that to happen, you need to take action first. Goals are not like dreams or prayers. You cannot just close your eyes and wish for it to happen. You have to do something! This ebook shows you how!


As I mentioned before, when you join my team - I share with you my secrets and TEACH YOU HOW TO EARN ONLINE! You get all kinds of fantastic training articles, ebooks and more . It's what I do to become successful and while these techniques may not be unique; you do have something unique here that no other wealth creating website can boast...


  • You get an experienced Internet Marketer on your side!
  • Ask me Internet Marketing questions via support or via skype.
  • Visit our TEAM BLOG to see the latest news and training updates!
  • I also share with you my extensive library of motivational MP3's, ebooks and videos!
  • A whole section devoted to building SALES FUNNELS!!!
  • Sections dedicated to earning from blogging, SEO, and Keywords.
  • Free Training Ebooks - For Example you will find these, plus many more, easy to read ebooklets:

Renegade Traffic Tactics!
7 Figure List Building
Commission Swipe!
Desperate Market Domination
Key Word Research Dymystified


Team Ez Wealth is your starting point for earning online and actually knowing how to generate traffic & convert visitors into buying referrals! Imagine working when you want; anywhere you need to be; and earning as much as you want with the power of the Internet & Team EZ Wealth.

The Team Ez Wealth Membership website is a money making website with commissions being earned by every member including free members. Earn commissions when members upgrade, purchase credits, purchase advertising, purchase READY-TO-GO WEBSITES, and/or purchase positions in the Team EZ Wealth Ad COOP. (Details inside.)

Team EZ Wealth Members also harness the best-of-the-best free traffic generation programs online as a team using the free Viral Traffic Downline Builder included in your membership.

Team members use this free Viral Traffic Downline Builder to utilize these powerful & free traffic programs, creating large downlines and therefore creating a passive yet quickly growing Internet Business with Team EZ Wealth.

The features of Team EZ Wealth are designed for you to earn by marketing your Team EZ Wealth URL to these free traffic resources listed in the free Viral Traffic Downline Builder! Let the Team EZ Wealth website work for you!

It really is as easy as that to earn online with Team EZ Wealth!


Ok so if Free Income Opportunities, Free Marketing Opportunities, and Free Training with me is not enough how about a built in FREE Viral Mailing List Builder?

This is a part of your membership that allows you to email, entirely for free your Team Ez Wealth downline ten levels deep!

I am not going to sugar coat this truth - YOU NEED A LIST ONLINE TO SUCCEED - and you can start NOW by joining Team Ez Wealth and promoting your affiliate url to build your list ten levels deep.

See below how easy it is to get back on track building a list with the Team Ez Wealth opportunity:

Imagine if you manage to add 3 people to your mailing list, who in turn refer 3 people each - and so on.
Our Team Ez Wealth Viral Mailing list builds your list down to a staggering 10 levels, so this is what your list could look like in no time:

Level Members
1 3
2 9
3 81
4 243
5 729
6 2187
7 6561
8 19683
9 59049
10 177147
TOTAL 265719

Just share your Team Ez Wealth affiliate URL, and you could after a short while, have a mailing list of a staggering 265719 members! And the way the system is built, you will receive very few emails in return!

*We do not allow any adult or illegal material to be sent through our mailer.


You can add your favorite programs to your Personal Downline Builder and your Personal Promo Page! At Team Ez Wealth there is no competition as you can promote any number of family friendly programs with these two powerful & VIRAL marketing tools! Team Ez Wealth helps you build massive downlines in mutliple programs!


When you join Team Ez Wealth you will notice something called TEAM EZ WEALTH (TEW) CREDITS - these credits are another thing that makes this membership site unique!

Members earn credit in various way by surfing, reading and clicking on other members news, postings, traffic links, and emails; and the fantastic thing about these credits is you can exchange them for marketing and networking @! This is a total WIN WIN team! Team Ez Wealth is a complete ADVERTISING EXCHANGE & TRAFFIC EXCHANGE!


Are you having a hard time affording the things you need online? How about trading your FREE Team Ez Wealth (TEW) credits for banner design, graphic design, hosting, PHP Scripts, and MORE! Team Ez Wealth (TEW) Credits are incredibly valuable! Get collecting YOURS today!

Join now and visit the TEW Credit Store from inside your membership!
It's Time To Join Team Ez Wealth NOW!

Don't hesitate to join for free today, and do the one thing that will be the start of an amazing journey to online prosperity for YOU!

It is free to join - we have some nice upgrades - but they are not necessary to benefit whatsoever!


  • The Free Team Ez Wealth (TEW) Credits - Exchange for valuable products & services at the TEW Credit Store!
  • Free Personal Downline Builder - Add your own programs!
  • Team Ez Wealth is a Free Income Opportunity with many ways to earn!
  • The Free Viral Traffic Generation Builder!
  • The Ten Level Deep Free Viral Mailing List Builder!
  • The Free Training, Ebooks, Reports, MP3's and Videos!
  • Free Ads To TEW Members! Free Surf Exchange!
  • This should be more then enough value you for you to give this a go!
  • You really have nothing to lose!
Just in case that is not enough.... use the PROMOCODE: teamezwealth for a FREE 10,000 Team Ez Wealth (TEW) Credits! (After you join, click the "Redeem Promocode" link and you will see where you use that code to apply this credit instantly!) Remember..You can order advertising, surf credits, graphic design, hosting, PLR, PHP Scripts and MORE with your FREE TEW Credits!

I want you on my TEAM... Team Ez Wealth! You can delete your account at any time; and your email is never sold and the minimum amount of information we need to get you signed up is kept private. It is suggested you sign up with a account. Team Ez Wealth is a 'Minimum Email Site'. This means the only emails you will receive are from Admin for updates; as well from your upline via the viral mailer. Membership solos are browsed from inside the members area so you know your solos will be seen!

"It may sound to good to be true but this is an authentic offer of services and products that will help you succeed! After all my Internet Business has done for me, it is truly my pleasure to help others acheive their online business goals!" -Terah Logan, Team Ez Wealth Founder

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